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Diagnostic + Preventative

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Do you go to the dentist only when something is wrong or hurts? Big mistake!

The mouth is a fundamental part of our body. That is why we must take care of it to prevent oral diseases that could affect our digestion, physical health, and even our self-esteem.


What is Diagnostic + Preventative About?

Diagnosis and prevention are vital aspects of routine oral care.

It is performed to know the current state of the teeth, gums, and structures of the whole mouth. This examination will determine if the dental condition is adequate or if treatment is needed.

It is all dental care that helps maintain good oral health. It is a combination of regular dental checkups and the development of good habits, such as brushing and flossing.


  • Promote good hygiene habits
  • Reduce the risk of developing oral health problems
  • Check the state of your mouth and whether you need treatment.

Preventative Treatments We Can Offer

There are many different preventative techniques to stop the onset and development of oral diseases:

Cleaning + Hygiene

A thorough check to look for signs of cavities or other dental problems, followed by a comprehensive cleaning of your mouth and teeth.


X-rays are used to detect problems that may not be visible otherwise. We use digital X-rays that are safer and more effective than traditional ones.


Sealants are a thin coating brushed onto the surface of the teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Dental sealants are applied to the biting surface of the back teeth to smooth them out and prevent the deposit of bacteria. This preventive dental treatment protects the teeth against cavities.

Oral Cancer Evaluation

Comprehensive screening for oral cancer using a visual and “touch-and-feel” examination.

Mouth Guards

Custom-made to ensure a perfect fit for you. They are designed to protect the teeth, lips, inner cheeks, and jaw from injuries.

Night Guards

They can stop the constant grinding of the teeth and prevent its serious consequences.  

Our mouth guards are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit. Store-bought mouth guards are less effective and do not fit as comfortably as professionally-made appliances.

Need Diagnostic + Preventative Attention?

Do not wait for a serious situation to visit your dentist. Here at Brush Dental, we can help you prevent any affliction and keep your smile healthy. Call us now for an appointment!


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