Dr. Elie Israel, DDS 

University of Florida, Microbiology
University of Maryland Dental School

What made you want to become a Dentist?             
I’ve always loved to draw so the artistic part of
dentistry and being able to use my two hands to create something is what drew me into the field of dentistry.

What do you love about practicing?                                  
I love creating beautiful smiles that change
people’s lives.

Fun fact about you?                                                              
I am a huge tennis junkie and follow the tour on TV eleven months of the year. My dream is to attend all four Grand Slams.

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?            
When I’m not working, I enjoy spending all my time with my beautiful wife, three daughters, and our dog.
I live for them and they bring me the most joy in life.

Why the paradise of FL?                                                      
I emigrated from Israel to Florida at the age of
nine. My dad wanted my brother and I to have the opportunity to achieve our dreams in the greatest country in the world.